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Changing Face of Social Selling: Influencers, Livestreams,
New Platforms & More

Friday, February 24
10:45 am - 11:30 am

While social commerce continues to surge, how consumers interact with social platforms and how businesses capitalize on that interaction is changing at a rapid pace. Although mainstay platforms like Facebook and Twitter are adapting, new channels like Clubhouse and BeReal are moving in and trying to match the success of TikTok, YouTube, Instagram and others. While the channel has not yet captured the full potential of live-streaming or influencers on these platforms, tremendous opportunities are at hand - and so too are the risks. 

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Session Speakers

Session Speakers

Dana Fortune.jpg

Dana Fortune

VP Sales & Marketing,

4Life Research


Kevin Raulston


Global Direct Partners

Andrea Neipp.jpg

Andrea Neipp

EVP Global Marketing,

Amare Global

Eric Lewy.jpg

Eric Lewy

Chief Operating Officer,

Momentum Factor

Abstract Tech Background 1 -shutterstock_1814421812.jpg
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