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Dealing with Nastygrams:
Responding to Regulators
& Industry Opponents

Thursday, February 23
1:45 pm - 2:30 pm

The FTC has issued thousands of warning letters, while consumer advocates continue to post slanderous reviews and online haters spread misinformation to anyone who will listen. What’s an earnest company to do when the stuff hits the fan? How can your company recover from and protect its reputation and brand? Our expert panel is here to help you understand how to respond to such crises and avoid them in the future. 

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Session Speakers

Session Speakers

Peter Marinello.jpg

Peter Marinello

VP, Direct Selling Self-Regulator Council (DSSRC)

William Miller.jpg

William M. Miller



Andrew Smith.jpg

Andrew Smith

Former Dir., FTC Bureau of Consumer Protection

John Sanders.jpg

John Sanders


Winston & Strawn

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