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Julie Hunter

Chief Compliance Officer, Amare Global

Julie Hunter has nearly three decades of experience working with various legal and compliance teams. She has assisted government and corporate entities in developing global programs that empower the public, employees, customers, and vendors to advocate for best practices to follow the laws, regulations, standards, and ethics. She developed compliance teams, assisted in writing a compliance program that was notated by the government as a gold standard, and implemented each compliance program keeping in mind the audience and effectiveness of each program. 

Julie previously served as adjunct faculty at a local college and has brought her expertise to multiple DSN100 direct-selling companies and large CPG brands.  Julie served and supported legal departments in a variety of capacities that include, assisting with global entity establishments, global compliance programs, trademark portfolio management, transactional reviews, legal operation processes, conflict resolution, and litigation.



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Julie Hunter Sessions
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Julie Hunter - Sessions

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