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Lunch Session
Livestream Shopping 

in Global Direct Selling

Thursday, February 23
12:15 pm - 1:00 pm

Livestream shopping has become one of the most dynamic platforms in the new, online world of social commerce. In fact, Amazon, Facebook, TikTok, Popshop and many other online market leaders are mainstreaming this exciting consumer experience. That being said, livestream shopping is ideal for the multi-national direct seller as these new live commerce platforms are not only simple to implement and can be easily used by your sales organization and their show guests. Notably, the strongest live shopping solutions in 2023 even allow your corporate office to conduct shows on behalf of your representatives. Simply put ... livestream shopping enables direct sellers to reach a much broader consumer market in the most dynamic manner, while ensuring your sales organization receives proper recognition and compensation. In this session, we’ll demonstrate how livestream shopping can vault your business, and your sales organization, to the forefront of a new ‘social consumerism’ and interactive customer relationships.

Abstract Tech Background 1 -shutterstock_1814421812.jpg
Session Speakers

Session Speakers

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Robert Cavitt



Abstract Tech Background 1 -shutterstock_1814421812.jpg
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