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Reco McDaniel McCambry

President & CEO, Novae

As the Founder of Novae, Reco McCambry has made his mark in the financial services industry and direct sales as one of the youngest and most successful entrepreneurs in the space. After getting involved in the industry in 2001, at 20 years old, it seemed he was born to do this. While in college full-time, majoring in Physics and Engineering, he was also working a full-time job. Upon seeing that his job was keeping him from accomplishing many of his personal goals, he started working very diligently on his part time business. After his first year, his part-time income exceeded his full-time income and positioned him to pursue his dreams full-time. Within the next few years he was able to pay off debts, dramatically change his lifestyle, and achieve many personal goals.



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Reco McDaniel McCambry Sessions
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