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Breaking Bezos:
The Guide to Removing Unauthorized Sellers & Protecting Your Field / Brand

Friday, February 24
9:30 am - 10:15 am

Most direct sellers suffer from their products being listed on e-commerce websites, such as eBay and Amazon, without company permission. With a low price and fast shipping, these sites choke off legitimate sales from the field. Indeed, unauthorized sales cost companies millions each year, and more importantly demotivate legitimate distributors while damaging their ability to enroll new ones. This is a critical issue for nearly all direct sales companies. Solutions abound, but which ones can really solve this massive problem for your company? Learn from our expert panel your choices for eliminating this problem once and for all.

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Session Speakers

Session Speakers

Tom Ollis.jpg

Tom Ollis

Direct Selling


Steve Mendieta.jpg

Steve Mendieta

Director, FW SecureSell, Momentum Factor

Michael Edwards.jpg

Michael Edwards

CTO & Head of Digital,

It Works!

Travis Wilson.jpg

Travis Wilson

Dir. Business Development,

Momentum Factor

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