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Terrel Transtrum

CEO & Founder, ServiceQuest

Terrel Transtrum is the world’s leading consultant for Customer Service in Direct Sales. He is most widely known for attacking all inflection points from startup, fast growth, and downturn and implementing incremental improvements to leverage new growth.

In his book LaunchSmart, Terrel shares his more than 30-years of experience in starting and running a successful direct sales company. He owns two successful 7-figure businesses and has supported more than 800 direct sales companies on six continents. Terrel has guided many startups to their first $1 million year, their first $1 million month, and their first $1 million day. One of his most successful startups reached their $1.3 billion year in 47 months.

Terrel guides each of these companies by focusing on service as the ultimate strategy for success. He helps leaders clearly communicate with their volunteer sales reps to guide them through their customer experience journey through a repeatable process. Many of Terrel’s established clients have achieved 5% to 50% increases in net profits, dramatic reductions in hold times for reps and customers, up to 40% reduction in cancellations, and a 2% to 18% increase in annual rep retention.

His work in Customer Service was recognized by the Direct Selling Association and he was awarded the coveted annual DSA Partnership Award. Terrel has a heart and mind to show up and serve clients and customers toward success with Direct Sales. His diverse experience makes him a sought-after consultant for world-class companies.



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Terrel Transtrum - Sessions

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