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Acecia Jones

Director of Stylist Success, Ruby Ribbon

Acecia Jones has been a lifelong believer in the idea that Sales is just Customer Service with a twist. She spent her early years selling various products and services through diverse methods, from cold-calling and

door-knocking to marketing high-end clothing and dietary supplements.

Nearly 12 years ago, she joined a Direct Sales startup to shape the Distributor Services department with her unique blend of sales-focused service. The startup experience allowed her to gain expertise in Distributor Services, Sales, Events, Compliance, and Operations. In early 2023, she returned to her passion for supporting salespeople at Ruby Ribbon.

As Director of Stylist Success, part of the company’s Sales arm, Acecia equips Ruby Ribbon’s Independent Stylists with tools for strong, lasting businesses. Under her guidance, Ruby Ribbon’s Compliance department was integrated with Stylist Success to make it crystal clear: Compliance isn't the enemy; it's a huge part of nailing the sales game.



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Acecia Jones Sessions
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