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Eric Maddox:
Building Trust Through Empathy-Based Learning

Thursday, February 29
8:30 am - 10:00 am (Main Ballroom)

Everyone has seen the footage: a heavily bearded Saddam dazed to find himself in U.S. Army custody. While the news was broadcast around the world, the story was never fully known. In this powerful leadership session, acclaimed author and former Delta Force member Eric Maddox delivers an edge-of-your-seat account of the search and capture of Saddam Hussein and how his team’s individual courage and sheer determination made the capture possible. 


What Eric learned in his years as a special operations soldier is that building trust has never been more essential. And deftly applying this lesson to today’s massive shift in business environments and new technologies is key.


In Eric's premier talk, he will share how to:


  • Integrate empathy-based listening into your communication with your field, employees, co-workers, clients, friends and family.

  • Remove distractions and raise the listening level from the standard 25% to Eric’s level of 90+%.

  • Identify portals of empathy in a conversation that will blow through all other barriers of communication. 

  • Maximize your influence in all areas of life.


Don’t miss this rare opportunity to hear Eric’s hard-won perspectives on leadership as well as business and take home new knowledge you can apply from his unique methodology, “Empathy-Based Learning.”

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Session Speakers

Session Speaker

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Eric Maddox

American Orator & Author

Former Special Forces

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