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Brent Kugler

Partner, Scheef & Stone

Brent Kugler is a prominent attorney in the direct selling industry with more than 23 years of experience representing direct sales, multilevel (MLM) and network marketing companies in lawsuits, arbitrations and regulatory matters across the United States. Formerly the general counsel for a large MLM company, Brent provides comprehensive legal representation to direct sales companies including advice on regulatory issues, distributor policies, and procedures, compensation plans, trade secret protection, independent contractor classification, governmental affairs and risk management.  


Brent adheres to the philosophy that companies are best served by avoiding regulatory scrutiny altogether, and that spending millions of dollars in a legal fight, win or lose, is rarely a successful outcome for a company.  

Brent is a frequent speaker and author on developments and trends in the direct sales industry and has served an expert witness in litigation involving MLM companies.



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Brent Kugler Sessions
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Brent Kugler - Sessions

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