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Dan McCormick

Coach, Consultant & Author

With four decades of remarkable experience as a network marketing field leader, Dan McCormick is an example of success and resilience. His journey is marked by an unwavering commitment to empowering mission-driven entrepreneurs across the globe. Dan's teams have generated over $1 billion in global sales.

Dan's early life presented formidable challenges, including difficulties in reading, writing, and comprehension within traditional educational settings. However, his unstoppable spirit and a pursuit of growth led him to overcome these obstacles. His mother's support in learning to read opened the doors to the world of wisdom literature, fueling Dan's passion for people and
prosperity. He effectively applied these principles to both life and business, elevating him to the pinnacle of recognition and achievement.

Known for his humor, Dan often quips about completing college in a mere two weeks. A pivotal moment at age 19 introduced him to some of the greatest mentors and self-help authors, marking the beginning of a 40-year journey of leading and coaching high-performing sales teams globally.

Dan's dedication is particularly evident in his long-standing live training and coaching program, which has consistently supported leaders in the direct sales space with a multi-billion-dollar company for 21 years.

Dan's expertise extends to teaching the art of leadership, empowerment, friendship and culture building. He excels in guiding and transforming people from many walks of life - from the aspiring entrepreneur to the corporate boardroom.

The upcoming launch of Dan’s latest endeavor, "Awakening Who I Am," symbolizes a significant leap in his mission. This new book and initiative are poised to elevate self-esteem, self-image, and self-worth for individuals worldwide, reflecting his deep-seated belief in the transformative
power of positive self-identity.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Dan's personal life is equally rich and fulfilling. He is a devoted husband of over 40 years, a father to four married daughters, and a proud grandfather to 14 grandchildren. His aspiration to redefine the two most powerful words, "I am," in life, business, and the subconscious mind is at the core of his philosophy.



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