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Heather Chastain

Founder, Bridgehead Collective

Heather Chastain, founder of Bridgehead Collective, is a seasoned professional with 28 years of experience in the direct selling industry. Having worked in various roles within the home office of different companies and served on the Board of Directors for the DSA and Chair of the Ethics and Self-Regulation Committee, Heather has gained a wealth of knowledge and expertise. Recognizing the inevitability of a significant shift in the industry, she started Bridgehead Collective with the aim of helping companies navigate the changing landscape and make pivotal choices for the future. Heather's passion lies in helping companies see the bigger picture and embrace data-driven solutions. Her conversations with industry leaders, her own experiences and her commitment to independent research in the industry have shaped her belief that companies must adapt and pivot to stay ahead of the curve. With her deep understanding of the industry and her commitment to driving positive change, Heather is a champion for and strives to be a valuable voice in the direct selling community.



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