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Jeff Ranson

Senior Director, Global Compliance, Modere

With a career spanning nearly three decades in the evolving landscape of direct sales, Jeff Ranson stands as a true innovator and leading figure in the industry. His background and experience in the space has helped him become a trusted authority.  He brings a wealth of knowledge, having held key roles in various facets of the direct sales category. 


From his early exposure to working with field leaders, he found a passion for the industry.  He expanded into other areas working in compliance roles as well as international market support and new market development. He possesses a unique blend of analytical prowess, leadership acumen, and a talent for fostering strong relationships. His exposure to all aspects of the business has helped to develop and nurture positive change and recognition of the importance and value of compliance. He has helped to develop compliance departments from the ground up as well as implementing processes, policies, and training materials all while striving to continually stay on top of regulatory changes. As a seasoned professional, he has continuously demonstrated a commitment to excellence, innovation, and the highest standards of professionalism. 


With a deep understanding of the intricacies of direct sales, he has worked closely with corporate teams from CEOs and C-Suite executives as well as top field leaders and demonstrated the unique ability to foster a positive culture of compliance.  



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Jeff Ranson Sessions
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Jeff Ranson - Sessions

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