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Compliance & Legal Track
Effective Strategies for Field Compliance: Tips & Techniques

Thursday, February 29
11:15 am - 12:00 pm (Ballroom D)

Maintaining compliance is difficult enough at the corporate level. Educating, training, and engaging the field can make or break any compliance program. In this panel learn, from industry experts on how to engage your field, provide them proper guidance, and how to train the field from the top down to create a culture of compliance. We will dive deep into how to approach top field leaders to receive buy-in at the highest level as well as how to provide support and compliant content without infringing on your associates’ creativity, independence and ability to drive revenue.

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Session Speakers

Session Speakers

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Jeff Ranson

Sr. Director Global Compliance, Modere

Naisha Covarrubias.jpg

Naisha Covarrubias

Chief Counsel,

Mary Kay

Jemima Wechsler.jpg

Jemima Wechsler

Group VP - Compliance,


Julie Hunter.jpg

Julie Hunter

Chief Compliance Officer, Amare Global

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