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Jemima Wechsler

Group Vice President - Compliance, BODi

Jemima Wechsler is pretty certain that leading a compliance team wasn’t on her to do list when her high school guidance counselor asked her what she wanted to be when she grew up. Following a short stint in another role at The Beachbody Company, Jemima returned a year later to join the one & only Jonathan Gelfand as part of BODi’s legal team. Working with a dynamic team of direct sales professionals, she’s dedicated to creative problem solving, and learning how to interpret the ever-changing landscape as regulatory standards change and expand. Networking with compliance professionals throughout the direct sales channel, Jemima began a Compliance Roundtable as a way to connect all of us who are facing similar daily challenges. Jemima was honored to have helped push for the formation of a compliance council within the DSA and is excited to see what this group of talented leaders can continue to accomplish in support of distributors in the field. 


Taking every opportunity to collaborate with the field and assure them we’re here to help, not to punish, Jemima and her team continue take pride in the relationships built and the trust earned. Given that the daily responsibilities of any compliance team can sometimes make you feel like you’re herding cats, Jemima feels right at home given her passion for animal rescue, as a volunteer, adopter and former board member for Santé D’Or, a no-kill rescue based in Atwater Village, California. Jemima’s degree in hotel & restaurant management didn’t create the most direct path to a career in legal research, training and support – but it did teach her how to make the best restaurant reservations and inspired her ongoing love of all things culinary. 



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Jemima Wechsler Sessions
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Jemima Wechsler - Sessions

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