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State of the Channel:
Our Fight Has Only Begun

Thursday, February 29
10:30 am - 11:15 am (Main Ballroom)

Kickstart your Summit by delving into the direct selling corporate landscape! While Neora's recent legal victory offers hope, the challenge continues as new pressures and increased scrutiny loom on the horizon.

In this impactful session, we will explore uncharted territory where sourcing strategies, data privacy, artificial intelligence, sustainability, legal issues, and emerging regulations converge. What lies ahead for our sector? Which crucial industry trends are shaping our future? Join our expert panel of senior industry executives as they analyze the latest events in the world of direct sales and weigh in on their impact to keep you and your company ahead of the curve.

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Session Speakers

Session Speakers

Jonathan Gelfand.jpg

Jonathan Gelfand

EVP Business & Legal, BODi

Ed Burbach.jpg

Ed Burbach


Foley & Lardner

Randall Popleka.jpg

Randall Popelka

VP Global Govt. Affairs,


Dave Merriman.jpg

Dave Merriman

Executive VP,


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