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Leadership Track
From Stigma to Strength:
Reshaping Your Company's Image

Thursday, February 29
3:00 pm - 3:45 pm (Main Ballroom)

Beyond the routine operational hurdles, direct sales companies grapple with enduring reputational issues that have cast a shadow over their credibility. We'll discuss the common misperception of MLMs as pyramid schemes in disguise, controversies surrounding deceptive marketing practices, and the impact of negative online narratives. Our experts will share strategies and tactics you can employ now to rebuild trust, dispel misconceptions, and foster ethical business practices, enabling your company to navigate these challenges and secure a more positive standing in the eyes of the public. Special attention will be paid to strategies the whole industry can get behind to raise our collective reputation.

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Session Speakers

Session Speakers

Crayton Webb.jpg

Crayton Webb

Owner & CEO,

Sunwest Communications

Cindy Droog.jpg

Cindy Droog

VP Global Corp. Comm. & Rep. Mgmt., Amway

Kim Drabik.jpg

Kim Drabik

Sr. Director of Corp. Affairs,


Amy Haran.jpg

Amy Haran

EVP Communications,


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